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August 22, 2021

Amazing Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Chronic or inflammatory pain, itching, mental problems, Parkinson’s, MS, or insomnia. A clutch of conditions with different symptoms, but one thing in common. 

They can all be treated with cannabis oil, the extract of the active substances from the cannabis plant. But why does cannabis oil actually work so well so often? 


Not only the ailments mentioned above can be treated with medicinal cannabis. In fact, the list of conditions in which cannabis oil helps is getting longer and longer. Through research, more and more evidence is emerging of ailments, diseases, discomforts and conditions that are not resistant to the healing power of cannabis. 

Nerve pain, various autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, epilepsy and even some forms of cancer seem to be treatable with cannabis.


Cannabis oil or miracle oil

Whether it contains only the active ingredient CBD or is a complete extract that includes THC and CBD. It seems to be gaining a wonder oil status lately, and this is partly justified. 

As strange as it may sound, cannabis oil is in many cases an effective treatment against a wide variety of complaints. It’s not a placebo effect, it’s not that patients want it so badly that they imagine it. Cannabis really works. And it is scientifically proven.

Your body has a system for cannabis

The reason for the diverse effects of cannabis oil, in fact, is that the human body is made for cannabis. It recognizes the active ingredients found naturally in cannabis, such as terpenes and cannabinoids. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) as it is called, consists of several receptors located throughout the body to which cannabinoids such as THC and CBD can bind. This system regulates almost all processes in our body and is closely linked to our autoimmune system. Hence, many autoimmune diseases can also be treated well with cannabis.

CB receptors

The so-called CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system are there to receive and send signals. In doing so, it maintains the balance in our bodies so that we can survive. 

For example, it helps us to know when we are in pain or hungry, or to experience natural fear responses and regulate pain sensations. When these processes are disturbed by some disease, cannabis can restore them and thus get to the root of the condition.

Given that it does all this without the nasty side effects of various pharmaceuticals, cannabis oil may well be called a miracle oil.

Remarkably, not all cannabinoids act on the same receptors. Respectively, THC binds to the CB1 receptors, and CBD binds to the CB2 receptors. Hence, the two cannabinoids also have such different effects on the human body.

Endogenous cannabinoids

Plant cannabinoids are, of course, not the only substances that provide this balance, otherwise any non-user would have no chance of survival. Our bodies also produce cannabinoids themselves. 

Endocannabinoids that is, or the body’s own cannabinoids. Unfortunately, the body does not always do this in sufficient quantities, and then herbal cannabinoids from cannabis can be used to supplement the endocannabinoids.

For example, anandamide, the body’s own substance that makes us feel blissful (similar to dopamine), is one of the endocannabinoids that binds to these receptors. 

THC works in a similar way to this substance, and therefore also has a blissful effect on most users. CBD, on the other hand, inhibits the breakdown of anandamide, so it also has a positive influence on the user’s mood.


Not only cannabinoids are important for the effective healing power of cannabis oil. Terpenes, the aromatic substances from the cannabis plant, direct the medicinal effect of a particular cannabis strain. 

Substances such as limonene, pineene, beta-caryophyllene and myrcene determine whether a cannabis strain is soporific or stimulating. They also determine whether a marijuana oil is better at calming you down or at motivating you. 

Whether a marijuana strain is good against depression or, for example, anxiety. By composing and mixing various marijuana strains, you can create the right cannabis medicine for every moment and different needs.

Entourage effect

Terpenes are not a boon to the healing power of cannabis oil, they are essential. The entourage effect is the theory that terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids for best results. 

So without terpenes in your cannabis oil, if you have a CBD or THC isolate, you won’t experience the same medicinal effect as with a whole plant extract, as a complete extract is called. 

This is why more and more CBD oil producers are adding terpenes to their products. Nowadays, you can even obtain individual terpene isolates to add to your own cannabis oil as desired.

Miracle oil?

That you yourself, or someone close to you, benefits from cannabis oil as a medicine is therefore no coincidence. Nor is it between the ears. Cannabis has a complex effect on the human body and supports the overall balance needed for survival. 

Considering it does all this without the nasty side effects that various pharmaceuticals can have, cannabis oil may well be called a miracle oil.

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